Red Shadow aims to challenge the way you think. We write about mindset, about pushing the boundaries, about thinking for yourself. We want to open your eyes. Our playground is the world.



Red Shadow is place where several people from different backgrounds and professions come together to share things that will make you think. Through the years, we all recognized the differences in how we approach things, and sought to talk about it in other forums. Red Shadow is the culmination of several years of writing in very niched places, and the need to seek a broader way to express our ideas.


“How hard should I push? What against?”

— Mark Twight


In our blog you will find many subjects, from general ideas, security, marketing, design and simplicity concepts, to charged posts that will make you reconsider some of the concepts you hold true.

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What's in the name

Red Shadow. Red means adversarial, it means thinking differently. We observe the world, its pace, its protagonists, and, like a shadow, we quietly follow and learn. We try to apply an independent way of thinking to everything. We provide alternative ways of looking at things and understanding them.



Challenge yourself. Come explore a different way of thinking. Who knows... You might find something that will make you think.

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