Thoughts on Social Media

Have you ever stopped one minute during your busy day, and observed the world around you? For one minute, observe the people. See what they are doing, how they are doing it, and whether they are aware they are doing it.

Sit in the cafe, leave your phone or laptop closed, and just observe for one minute. What do you see?

This is what I see. I see people walking with their heads down, looking at their phones, unaware of what's going on around them. I see people writing on timelines, posting pictures of them walking on a city. I see people walking together, yet they don't talk to each other, they share via their social media accounts. I see people uploading their whole lives on a medium that doesn't forget, or forgive.

I see people having an opinion without stoping one second to think of the consequences of what they just had said.

Beyond the safety and privacy ramifications of constantly uploading your life to websites where you have no control of the data, or the concerns with what they do with that data, social media has become the perfect mask. People can hide their true selves, become whoever they want and just have an opinion. Regardless of the consequences of those opinions. There is no accountability, or they think they now don't have any. It is the death of owning your words.

Imagine what this is doing to our kids. 

When kids and young adults learn (erroneously) that they can say what they want, when they want it and nothing will happen... Well, this is when bullying becomes the norm. This is when masses of people can get coerced into taking action for the wrong reasons. This is when respect, and - more importantly - real human interaction are lost. 

When you don't understand the power of your words, on a medium that can reach hundreds of thousands of people in seconds, bad things can happen.

Stop one minute. Rethink social media. Rethink how you are doing it. How your kids are doing it.

Own your words again. Own your world and your life.