Who is Red Shadow?

Danny Eitan

The Bad Guy

Danny is a security professional with more than two decades of experience in all domains of security. Specializing in developing offensive security solutions, Danny combines experiences gained during his time in a secretive - and always denied - military unit, where he spent more time getting himself out of trouble than he would like to admit, his executive protection days, keeping world leaders safe in some of the worst places in the world, and his extensive background working with the top tech companies to help bring awareness about modern threats and how to prevent them. He likes to call himself a "good bad guy", and can usually be found in various skydiving clubs around the world.


Amber James

The Professor

Starting their career as the first graphical web browsers rolled out and worry about a Y2k bug began to be whispered, they've always looked at how individuals and companies could leverage technology for their own gains. From boardrooms to classrooms to quiet conversations in the back room of restaurants around the globe, she is called on when an understanding of the intersection of humanity and technology is required.   


Tom Bishop

The Englishman

Born and raised in England during the height of the IRA troubles, now living in U.S., Tom is no stranger to the constant and very real threat of terrorist attacks - narrowly escaping two bombings in London. He worked for several years as a bioterrorism and policy analyst for the U.S. government. He holds two MS degrees from Berkeley, and is working on a third at JHU. He knows how to build a nuclear weapon, and has taught classes in the subject at the Joint Military Intelligence College. Due to what can only be attributed to a clerical error, he has been allowed to freely roam the halls of the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and few places that don't even officially exist.


Guy Oisulli

The Drifter

Guy Oisulli was born in Tangier, raised in Maine, and educated in the school of hard knocks. Over the course of five decades, he worked as a fisherman, fraud investigator, military advisor, and security consultant. It is rumored that his life inspired the character Henri in Toutain-Rigal’s comedy The Honeyed Pips. He currently lives at sea in a motor yacht, chasing l’appel du vide and writing a book on the strategies of lowball poker.


Harold Schuh

The Driver

Harold was one of the original racers at both the famed Camel Trophy and the Paris-Dakar. After surviving numerous unknown deceases in Africa, and the jungles of the Mato Grosso, and almost getting his head taken by a tribe of head shrinkers in Borneo, he decided to quit the world of professional adventure and rally racing, and became an anthropologist and researcher at the University of Amsterdam, where he focuses on discovering why humans are becoming less cognitive - dumber - and how the modern societies of the world encourage people to become a number.